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3 rd OCTOBER TIME SESSION/EVENT DESCRIPTION 10:30 WELCOME AND OPENING REMARKS 11:00 Product Roadmap 2020 Learn about all the latest developments to Ventiv's current and next-generation risk and intake platforms plus get an overview of the planned roadmap for the year ahead. Suitable for users of: Ventiv IRM — RiskConsole — Webrisk — Digital 12:30–14:00 LUNCH 14:00 Analytics Ventiv's Advanced Analytics is an intelligent, self-service data analysis tool. Using it you'll be able to gain greater visualisation and have the power to discover patterns and insights in your data. In this session we'll guide you through the process of discovery and demonstrate the predictive capabilities and related cognitive processes that come afterwards. 14:45 CASE STUDY 15:15 BREAK WORKSHOP SESSIONS ROOM 1 ROOM 2 ROOM 3 15:45 Renewal data collection Are you struggling with managing your renewal collection process? Come and see the new Ventiv renewal solution and how it can help you collect your renewal data in a more timely, efficient and quality manner. See capabilities like automatic variance commentary, delegation of sections, approval and consolidation capabilities to give you full control on the process. IRM — RiskConsole All Things Insurance Policies, Premiums, Certificates, Allocations, Calculations See how Ventiv's insurance-related modules help you manage your insurance and see how you can: » Get a better landscape overview of your policy structure and premium expenditure. » Spot opportunities for new global programs and help eliminate duplications or gaps. » Verify your insurers or vendors are matching your counterparty exposure guidelines. » Better manage your certificate processes. » Don't get lost in complex spreadsheets as you promote risk management through premium or cost allocations and calculations IRM — Webrisk — RiskConsole Working with the premium allocation module from Webrisk In this hands-on session, we will show you how to use our premium allocation module. With a quick and easy export-import solution, you can calculate your premiums for any type of exposure and any kind of policy structure. This module can be used to either calculate your premiums or allocate your total premiums. In this training you will learn how to: » Export a pre-built premium allocation excel table from Webrisk » Populate and amend the table to suit your needs » Import the table and your calculated premiums into Webrisk Webrisk BRING L APTOP 16:30 Intake and workflow solutions Modernise claims handling, risk management, and safety management using Digital. This session explores new features that streamline intake and workflow, including centralising data to facilitate analytics. IRM — RiskConsole ERM Are you ready to evolve to the next level of ERM maturity? Now that your ERM framework has been developed, learn how IRM's ERM module can take you to the next level of maturity. The ERM module covers the full lifecycle of your ERM program by identifying, assessing, treating and monitoring your risks. It lowers the barrier for rolling out in your organisation and provides improved visualisations to help better manage your risk program and facilitate decision-making by key stakeholders. Covered in this session: » Using Digital to manage your risk assessment cycle and report risk events » Using IRM to manage your ERM program » Using IRM's enhanced analytics to produce engaging dashboards IRM — Webrisk — RiskConsole Webrisk beyond Insurance and Risk Join this session to understand how the use of Webrisk can be used to support other functions within your role and other areas of your business. We've developed Webrisk to manage non insurance functions. We will show case examples of pensions, employee benefits and tax management. This session will help you gain better value for your organisation and potentially reduce your annual costs. Webrisk 17:15 WRAP UP AND CLOSE 18:30 EVENING MEAL A ∙ G • E • N • D • A

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