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Schools Insurance Authority: An Integrated iVOS and RiskConsole Solution for Bigger Impact

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360º | Aon eSolutions 1 5 McKay. "We manually create reports, and it may take several generations before we arrive at a report that makes sense." "As an organization, we ask a lot of questions," said McKay. "We make an inquiry, learn a little, and then start to ask more questions. It's difficult to go through this process using spreadsheets. RiskConsole with its ad hoc reporting will help us arrive at answers and better questions sooner." dIggIng deeper for a BIgger Impact "RiskConsole will be a tremendous tool in helping us fine-tune the process of turning data into information and to more effectively share this information with our stakeholders," said Jenkins. "If we can dig deeper into our data, we'll be able to help our JPA members prevent injuries and keep money in the classrooms." "The average cost of a workers' compensation indemnity claim in California is more than $65,000," Jenkins explained. "For school districts, this translates into annual funding for 10 students. RiskConsole can easily pay for itself if we're able to prevent claims using data from this system." "Together, iVOS and RiskConsole give us the additional tools we need to achieve our claims and risk management objectives," said McKay. "In addition to partnering with our members in their loss prevention efforts, we can identify claim trends and evolving exposures. This information is critical to controlling those exposures and developing more effective responses to an ever-changing risk environment." "These claims administration and analytic tools working in a complementary manner help to identify significant cost drivers within our current system. By using these tools constructively, we can enhance service to our members and provide much needed support to our stakeholders and California state legislators," concluded McKay. ricK JenKins (left), it suPervisor, and Paul MccKay, director of finance and oPerations, schools insurance authority "Technology helps us to 'follow the money' to prevent claims from occurring, and when they do occur to minimize costs."

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